Commercial real estate is dynamic and vast.  At Aucamp, Dellenback & Whitney we have always been passionate about staying current, being the most knowledgeable, and delivering the most accurate and comprehensive information for all our clients.  From appraisals to advisory, to expert testimonies and consultancy, we do whatever is necessary and appropriate to produce and deliver clearly, outstanding information and insight for every client, every property.

Office   From multiple-tenant office projects with complex cash flow considerations to owner occupied office buildings - suburban to urban.

Retail   Single-tenant net leased retail. Anchored or un-anchored multiple-tenant retail centers.

Warehouse   Office warehouses, distribution warehouses, cold-storage facilities and/or multiple-tenant warehouse properties

Multifamily   New urban multifamily towers to low-rise walk-up projects.

Mixed-Use   Urban or suburban projects involving a mix of uses - retail, office, apartments, and hotels.